Reduce body fat, reverse aging, feel better and live the life you really want.

The Winter Park Athletic Club can help you achieve total body health through simple programs such as our hugely successful Weight Loss Challenges.

We also offer advanced Personal Training and personalized Nutrition Plans to help you live the life you really want to live – but may need some help getting there…

Our programs get YOU results…

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Fit Camps

Looking for a fun, friendly environment to motivate and challenge you?

Led by amazing instructors, our Fit Camps offer community, energy and motivation to create a transformative experience and deliver fitness results for every level.

Come try it for yourself!

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Weight Loss Challenge

Didn’t think there was a fun way to lose weight? Think again. You could even win a cash prize!

Get the kick-start you need and join the Weight Loss Challenge to help reach your goals. Over the course, you will gain the knowledge and confidence, for healthy lasting weight loss. 

No Exercise Required.

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Personal Training

Through the application of our Personal Training  and appropriate stretching just twice a week, your metabolism increases, your body burns more calories and your journey to good health is well on its way.

Your one-on-one personal trainer guides you through this sweat free workout in a crowd-free environment.

I started the Zone diet with a little cynicism and skepticism at first, but within a week I started seeing results and was completely flabbergasted. Not only did my appearance change, my energy level shot through the roof, sending my self-confidence to new heights. I have lost 48 pounds, decreased my cholesterol 60 points, and lowered my blood pressure.
Kenna Faraji
At fifty-one, obese, and having had knee surgery, I knew I needed professional help. As I travel for business, I needed a flexible program. In addition to my weight training at Winter Park Athletic Club, I exercise on my own and follow the Zone diet. After eight weeks, I have lost 12 pounds. More importantly, I have energy again, better concentration, fewer food cravings, my clothes fit better, and my self-esteem is returning.
Ron Updegraff
I ruptured a disc in my lower back and was in constant debilitating pain. Dave Thomas started me on an aggressive program of stretching. Within a couple of weeks, I stopped taking the prescribed anti-inflammatory and pain medications. After a year, my pain was gone.
(Ric was so impressed with his results, he became a personal trainer at WPAC.)
Ric Malena
When I personalized my eating regimen and showed up for our scheduled appointments, I felt actively involved in improving the quality of my life. Six months ago I weighed over 150 pounds with about 37% body fat. I’m 121 pounds now and 27% body fat.
Cyndie Olson
Why not YOU – why not NOW?

We are here to help you start living the life you REALLY want to live…

The first step to a healthy lifestyle is taking the first step.

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